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One way to avoid probate litigation

Create a valid estate plan. Sounds simple. With the help of an attorney in Florida, it can be. The greatest hurdle may be the psychological impediments to actually sitting down with an attorney and drafting a will, a trust or trusts, and advance healthcare directives or powers of attorney. Without a will and other necessary documents, your property will be distributed according to Florida's intestate succession law.

Understanding when probate litigation may prove necessary

When properly executed, a will can accomplish far more than people might realize. In addition to enabling you, rather than the state, to decide how you want your hard-earned assets to be divided upon your demise, it also facilitates the giving of charitable gifts, permits tax planning decisions and allows you to appoint a guardian for any minor children -- to name just a few of the many benefits.

4 ways to keep the peace with your estate plan

Losing someone in your family or someone very close to you can be a devastating experience. Anyone touched by the loss can feel great sadness, hopelessness, confusion and even anger. Considering how high emotions are often running in the wake of a death, it is not unusual for disputes to erupt.

Undue influence and the estate plan

Taking care of mom and dad is the number one priority as they age. Part of their health care is that they will remain psychologically safe as their capacities and dependencies change in conjunction with their bodies. Unfortunately, sometimes the wrong people see self-opportunity when it comes to vulnerable senior citizens.

Streamline probate by avoiding these errors

While many people resist drafting a will because the activity requires them to contemplate life after they are gone, most of them feel relief after completing the task. Creating a will can provide peace of mind for testators and family members because it divides assets and assigns them to beneficiaries. If written well, a will efficiently streamlines the probate process and allows grieving family members to focus on healing after a loved one's death.

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