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Motorcycle riders suffer from a lack of respect on the road that can lead to accidents and very severe injuries. Many motorists fail to see motorcycle riders and when they do, they often fail to adequately judge the amount of space they need to maintain to allow the motorcycle rider to operate safely.

That lack of respect on the road helps cause many of the accidents motorcycle riders experience. The lack of protection motorcycle riders have compared to people in cars or trucks exacerbates the severity of the injuries suffered in those accidents. With no air bags, seat belts or steel frames to separate a rider from a direct impact with a car, truck, the road or some other object, motorcycle riders' bodies bear the brunt of any impact. Some of the injuries they face include:

It is essential that you have representation that is capable of helping you secure the compensation you will need to make your recovery.

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At Fuller & Fuller, our firm is highly skilled at crafting strong personal injury cases that are able to secure the full compensation our clients deserve. We know the devastating impact a motorcycle accident can have on a person's life. Medical bills and lost wages can take a toll when you should be focusing exclusively on getting better. Our attorneys have the experience that can make a difference for you. Attorney John Fuller has been a Board-Certified Civil Trial Lawyer by The Florida Bar Association for more than 25 years. Attorney Janet Fuller spent years working as an RN before entering the practice of law. Her knowledge of medicine is invaluable to our ability to build strong cases.

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