Ocala Attorney For Amputation Injury

Being in an auto accident is in and of itself jarring and unexpected. But, when the accident also results in a serious and permanent injury, like an amputation, it can alter a person's life forever.

With the loss of a limb, a person can no longer perform daily activities he or she once could. But, there are so many other indirect consequences of an amputation that can and do have drastic and costly effects. Some people may no longer be able to return to their jobs; others may need to have extensive physical therapy. In some cases, costly alterations on a home are necessary to provide for a new lifestyle.

Fortunately, compensation is available to individuals who have experienced such devastating injuries from a car accident. However, it is important to secure the right legal counsel — one who carries the knowledge and experience to help get you the maximum legal remedies available under the law.

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At Fuller & Fuller, we have provided legal assistance to individuals in Ocala, Florida, for over 20 years. We have seen it all and have represented clients throughout the area on a wide variety of auto accident and personal injury matters.

Attorney John Fuller carries extensive courtroom experience and has been a Board-Certified Civil Trial Lawyer for more than 25 years. Janet Fuller was a registered nurse prior to practicing law and brings vast medical knowledge essential to many of the firm's cases.

Ocala Lawyers Helping Those Who Have Suffered An Amputation

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